Real Human Ulna (bone) necklace and Earring set.


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These are made from real human bone, the Ulna which is one of two bones that give the structure to the forearm.  It’s the bone that would be on the same side as your pinky finger, (opposite side of your thumb, Radius is the bone which runs along side it and on the same side as your thumb).

The finding on each bone is either Sterling Silver or Silver.  Any chains that may come with the piece will not be unless that particular piece states so.  I keep my prices as low as I can, so if you would like a silver chain with your piece, it’ll need to be purchased separately.


These are from retired medical skeletons and old collections. I will never purchase any human bones from any questionable source.  I use reliable and trustworthy vendors with high standards.  They are acquired legally, are legal to sell, own, and purchase (check your local laws).  You may not own human remains in Louisiana.  I cannot ship into Georgia or Tennessee.  I will not break any laws for sales, sorry.

All sales are final.  No refunds or returns.  If there are any issues with shipping, I must be contacted immediately.  You are buying art,  each piece will be different.  Please contact me with any concerns or questions prior to making your purchase.