'Living your dreams' in traditional Chinese

OOAK.  Meticulously carved in real human rib bone.  Bone was filled with a medium to add strength and weight (medically cleaned ribs are very light and fragile.  I fill them so they have more strength)  and painted in red.  

Real human rib bones sourced from a wonderful company that specializes in cleaning animals (including humans) and selling the bones.  This is legal and a great way to upcycle our bone material.  

$213.00 including shipping (see **exclusions)

All sales are final.  Tracking information will be included via Paypal as soon as it’s shipped.

**The Laws and exclusions.  It is not legal to ship human bones into the following states, thus I cannot sell to Louisiana, New York, Georgia, or Tennessee. *No international or oversea sales.   *Additional shipping charges for Alaska and Hawaii.  

Irene B. Smithi

I carve human and animal bones, sculpt, make masks and so on. I make ritual tools and other unique occult and mystical items. I enjoy making science fiction and horror creatures. I've been on Pawn Stars, Fox5 news and other macabre programs and shows.