Real human skull.  Legally acquired from a retired medical skeleton that was parted out.

$50 including shipping for continental USA.  Alaska and Hawaii needs shipping quotes.  No international sales please.  I cannot ship to Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, and New York.

*All sales Final

Sterling Silver findings.  Cute oval shape cut out of center for more bone observation.  Channels cut along side, creates more interest and shows the layers of the skull.  Small charm that can be used on bracelets, necklace…   

Chain that comes with Bone charm is not silver unless one is ordered from as an accessory.  

Irene B. Smithi

I carve human and animal bones, sculpt, make masks and so on. I make ritual tools and other unique occult and mystical items. I enjoy making science fiction and horror creatures. I've been on Pawn Stars, Fox5 news and other macabre programs and shows.